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International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis
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NLP Training for Business

We offer a variety of NLP training for business described below. Please contact us to arrange training for your company.

NLP for Human Resources Professionals

HR Professionals are faced with increasingly complex demands. They may be expected to deal with everything from recruiting, interviewing, team building, communicating corporate plans (sometimes unpopular plans), to employees, deal with employee disputes, counseling and retention of disgruntled employees, to counseling employees out of the company.

We offer training for HR professionals covering the following areas such as:

  • Communicating effectively: listening to hear and speaking to be heard
  • Build rapport with business line leaders and employees
  • Multilevel communication: getting the message across through effective presentations
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution
  • Strategic recruiting and effective interviewing skills
  • Modelling key behaviors of star employees
  • Remedial coaching and guidance: identifying reasons for underperforming employees and develop effective performance improvement plans
  • Building high-performance teams

NLP Training for Management

We offer NLP training for management. Often managers have technical backgrounds with little or no formal management training. Learn how to:

  • Understand and utilize individual employee motivation
  • Communicate in a way that employees will understand
  • Manage a team to be greater than the sum of its parts
  • Prepare and deliver amazing presentations
  • Learn to manage yourself
  • Objections and how to deal with them
  • Closing a sale

NLP Training for Consultative Sales

We offer NLP training for consultative selling. NLP helps those selling, delivering and managing consulting or other significant projects to clients to:

  • Work with the client in developing their real needs
  • Understanding how the client will know the project has been delivered successfully
  • Avoid buyer regret and create recurring revenues
  • Manage client expectations
  • Deal effectively with project overruns

Presentation Skills for Professionals

Many professionals have a high level of technical ability in their field of expertise, but have had limited training in presenting these ideas to clients and colleagues in the most effective way. We offer presentation skills workshops for professionals and others who wish to sharpen their presentation skills.

  • Understand your peak performance state and have that available at all times
  • How to organize your material to attract all learning styles
  • How to create and use audio visual material
  • When to use a podium (and when not)
  • How to use the stage to your best advantage
  • What your posture says about you
  • How to spot the unconscious leaders in your audience and how to use them to manage the group
  • What to look for, when you look at the audience
  • What to do if it goes wrong
  • How to deal with questions

Team Building Workshops

Having everyone on a team focused on the same things, pulling the same way, and marching to the same drum is not easy. All too often teams spend time and energy on internal issues, misunderstandings and disagreements which could be better spent on client facing issues.

Having an outside facilitator can clarify the team’s vision, obtain buy-in and create a unified group.

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Conversational Hypnosis Certification Course

Master the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Become a Certified Hypnotist

Sarah 917 587 9583 e-mail iphnewyork@aol.com

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Personal Change

We offer assistance with weight management, control of smoking and other habits, dealing with fears, overcoming procrastination etc. through hypnosis and other techniques.

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Operatunity New York

Conquer performance anxiety. Maximize your potential

Allow your heart to sing. Become the performer you know yourself to be.

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