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International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis
NLP Training New York
545 8th Ave
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New York NY 10018
Shawn/Training: 917 972 5776
Sarah: 917 587 9583
Bella: 718 496 5822
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Neuro Linguistic Programming Training (HNLP)

Conversational Hypnosis Training

Personal Change Sessions


Here at IPH New York we provide:

  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Training in New York. Take this amazing training series to begin to understand how we function as individuals, how to read others, connect on a deeper level, figure out how we all 'tick' and learn tools and techniques to change our lives to step into our personal power.
  • Conversational Hypnosis Certification Training.This certification course will give you the skills to be able to make effective and lasting trance-formtions with your clients, using the power of Conversational Hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis/NLP sessions for individuals, (including stop-smoking, stress reduction, confidence boost, overcoming worries and concerns, letting go of past issues, quit nailbiting, weight control etc)
  • Self Hypnosis workshops for stress control, effortless goal achievement and personal development
  • Hypnobirthing Classes
  • Business coaching
  • Individual life coaching

    At NLP Training New York we offer one on one private hypnosis/NLP sessions for personal change.

    We are also a leading edge Training Center for NLP and HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) Certification, Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses for individuals and business professionals.

    Our training courses provide unique, inspiring, and hands-on experiences to enhance people’s personal and professional lives.

    Along with providing students with the skills and techniques to master the art of communication, positively influence behavior, enhance persuasion skills and breakthough to personal mind power, our (H)NLP Trainings also integrate quantum physics, modern neuro science, brain based accelerated learning, and spirituality into a dynamic, creative and cutting edge learning experience.

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    We are the only NLP school in New York offering this leading edge HNLP training. With us you will gain the traditional NLP tools, techniques and patterns and at the same time, learn the skills to apply them in an ethical, congruent, elegant manner.

    NLP Training in New York

    We are proud to offer Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and HNLP Training through the International Network for Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology.

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    Amir Mahmoud - Paramedic

    Angelo Gage - Veteran

    Mark Simmons - Jungian Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

    Caroline Bergonzi - Artist

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    How to choose an NLP Training

    Considering NLP Training in New York? Confused about how to pick a course? Here are some guidelines to help you pick the right course for you:

    • First and foremost meet the trainers who will be teaching. Ask questions. Do they seem to be knowledgeable? Do you feel you will learn from them? Do you like them (after all you will be spending 2 weeks or more with them!)? Any reputable trainer should agree to meet with you to discuss their trainings.
    • Meet current and graduates. Ask if the school has a practice group or other network where students and graduates meet to practice and share experiences, and ask to attend. Do the students appear knowledgeable? What do they say about the training? (If no such group exists, this may be a bad sign!)
    • How long is the (H)NLP training course? (H)NLP takes a lifetime to master. Courses can vary from 3 days to 20 days or more. No matter how good a trainer may be, she can only teach so much in a three day course! Our certification courses are 120 hours for Practitioner and 120 hours Master Practitioner, and we believe you will need each and every one of those hours to begin to master (H)NLP.
    • What is the cost of the course, including cost per day?
    • How flexible is the course? Does it suit your schedule? What happes if you miss a day, or a weekend? Can you make it up?

    What makes our training different?

    We believe our training is the best for our students for many reasons, including the following:

    • We are the only school in New York offering the HNLP certification alongside the regular NLP Certification.
    • We do not teach NLP as a series of patterns to learn a-b-c. Our philosophy is to teach our students how to read and understand another person, how to appreciate and value that other persons map of the world, and the structure of change in human behavior. We see NLP techniques as methods of change, not an aim in themselves.
    • We care about our students. We run regular practice groups so our students can maintain and grow thier skills. In addition we want our students to succeed, whether they wish to use NLP in their existing job, become a coach, or open an NLP school, we are behind them.
    • We believe in learning. We are constantly studying and learning, so we can bring our students the most up-to-date techniques and methods. As a result we will blend traditional and Ericksonion hypnosis, EFT, Clean Language and other cutting edge technologies into our course.

    For more on our teaching philosophy click Here

    Our Refund Policy

    Tuition less a $100 processing fee will be refunded if registration is canceled up to two weeks before the starting date of any training. After that date your tuition can be applied toward any future training programs/courses we offer.


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NEW! HNLP Practitioner Weekend and Intensive Formats!


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Conversational Hypnosis Certification Course

Master the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Become a Certified Hypnotist

Sarah 917 587 9583 e-mail iphnewyork@aol.com

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Personal Change

We offer assistance with weight management, control of smoking and other habits, dealing with fears, overcoming procrastination etc. through hypnosis and other techniques.

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Operatunity New York

Conquer performance anxiety. Maximize your potential

Allow your heart to sing. Become the performer you know yourself to be.

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